Barret's Glitchy Triangle

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The triangle, highlighted using STROOP.

Barret's Glitchy Triangle is a sky triangle in Bob Omb's Battlefield. Abuse of this triangle allows Mario to access the island in the sky without an A press.


An oversight during development of the game meant that a few dozen sky triangles across the game intersect with other sky particulates. This gives them collision and thus makes them a facility for building up speed. In Bob Omb's Battlefield, Mario can fall onto this triangle from a higher location, such as the island in the sky. The frame after he touches it, he can enter a dive and get stuck. It is then that he will start to build vertical speed, until he can break free from the skybox and enter a Parallel Universe.


On March 15th 2019, an anonymous user on shared a video of their unexpected collision with the sky triangle. Shortly after, TASing expert Nookleshorts discovered and refined the technique to build up speed on the triangle. He decided to name the triangle after the anonymous user who found it, who would also regularly share pictures of Barret from Final Fantasy VII.